Storytelling Retreat: To Begin at the beginning…

Mon 12 October 2020 - Sat 17 October 2020
Tutors / Hugh Lupton & Eric Maddern
Course Fee / From £550 - £675 per person
Genre / Storytelling
Language / English

Creation Myths… How the World Was Made and Made Again

In the beginning there was only a phantasm, a mysterious illusion. Not even a stick existed to support this vision. But the Creator pondered long and deep. Then he attached the mirage to the thread of a dream and kept it there by the aid of his breath…


Creation Myths are our oldest, deepest stories. They are from the Dreamtime, our time of Origins. Different from other tales they are told with a solemnity that gives them central importance. They are about the basic patterns of existence, revealing the ultimate meaning of our lives and the cosmos. They express a vital instinctive knowledge. They are primary. They speak truth without using facts.


In this fact-filled, fast-changing, uncertain era we are called to re-weave the world, to find compassionate and sustainable paths forward through the bewilderingly complex tumult of our times. Perhaps revisiting these ancient start-up stories can help inspire us to new, essential feats of creativity.


On these retreats we always spend a day walking in the spectacular mountains, valleys and shorelines of North Wales… one of the most geologically and mythologically rich ancient landscapes of the British Isles. Please bring the right kit and a keenness to walk a few miles o’er hill and dale.


Hugh Lupton

Hugh Lupton has been a central figure in the British storytelling revival for 30 years. Storytelling is in his blood – he’s the great-nephew of Arthur Ransome. Hugh tells myths, legends and folktales from many cultures, but his particular passion is for the hidden layers of the British landscape and the stories and ballads that give them voice. He has written many collections of folktales and two novels: The Ballad of John Clare(Dedalus, 2012) and The Assembly of the Severed Head (Propolis, 2018), which tells the story of the making of The Mabinogi.

Eric Maddern

Eric Maddern set off aged 22 to travel round the world in two years. It took ten. The last four years were spent working in the Aboriginal communities of Central Australia – an experience which had a profound influence on him. It led to the creation of Cae Mabon, a unique eco-retreat centre in the foothills of Snowdonia. It also inspired him to become a storyteller with a special interest in unearthing the old stories of Britain. Since moving to north Wales in 1986 he has written a dozen children’s picture books, recorded a couple of CDs (Full of Life and Rare and Precious Earth) and in 2015 published Snowdonia Folktales (The History Press). Arising from this has come a new storytelling piece, Songlines of Snowdonia. He is currently working on a memoir.

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